BS-Art-French    Art French

President Art French joined EVLT’s Board in 2013, quickly becoming involved in the mission of the Land Trust after purchasing a property protected by a conservation easement.  Art has a passion for land conservation and a broad perspective of land trust issues from his 33-year career as a minerals and petroleum geologist for Mobil Oil. He is actively involved in the Land Protection and Stewardship Committees.

    Craig Axtell

Vice President Craig Axtell became a Board Director in 2011 after retiring to Estes Park following a 34-year career with the National Park Service. Craig holds degrees in Forestry and Natural Resources Management from CSU and has served as Superintendent at several national parks, including a period as Acting Superintendent at Rocky Mountain National Park.  He works with the Legal and Stewardship Committees.

    Vaughn Baker

Director Vaughn Baker retired as Superintendent of Rocky Mountain National Park in September 2015, after 31 years with the National Park Service, and joined the EVLT Board just a few months later.  The breadth of Vaughn’s experience in conservation-related issues serves EVLT well.  Vaughn is serving on the Educational Events Committee.

BS-Peter-Sinnot    Peter Sinnott

Vice President Peter Sinnott joined EVLT’s Board in 2014, having been a Glen Haven easement landowner and EVLT member since 2006.  Pete spent his entire career in the golf course construction, maintenance and landscape industry, eventually founding ServiScape, a golf management and landscape business. Pete is a past-president of Estes Park Rotary.

    Leo Weber

Vice President Leo Weber has been on the EVLT Board since 2007, assisting with Land Protection and owner relations. He resides on property that is under conservation easement in the North End of Estes Park where he has lived for 34 years. Leo operates his own woodworking shop, creating artful furniture for patrons.

    Carly Lober

Secretary Carly Lober began volunteering for EVLT in 2014 and joined the Board in 2015. She worked for 25 years as a Park Ranger with the National Park Service, mostly in Yosemite, before retiring to Estes Park. Carly is on the Executive Committee of the Poudre Valley Group of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Sierra Club and serves as a Board member of the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition, representing the Upper Big Thompson River watershed.

    Gail Albers

Assistant Secretary Gail Albers, elected to the Board in 2015, joined EVLT in 2011 when she and her family placed a conservation easement on the family property purchased by her grandfather in the 1930s. Gail retired as Program Director at the YMCA of the Rockies and then spent four summers as Girl’s Camp Director for Cheley Colorado Camps. She serves on the Boards of Quota Club of Estes Park and Loving Spirit, Inc., and on the National Standards Commission for the American Camp Association.

    Wanda Curry

Treasurer Wanda Curry became a Board member in 2015. She became a member of EVLT in 2000 after she and her husband placed a conservation easement on their newly-purchased property. She moved to Estes Park to live full-time following her retirement as Chief Financial Officer for Entergy Nuclear Operations in Mississippi.

BS-Curt-Gleaves    Curt Gleaves

Assistant Treasurer Curt Gleaves arrived in Estes Park in 2006 and joined the EVLT Board in 2010 after being actively involved in monitor activities since 2007. He is an attorney and is President of Chapin Financial Management in Estes Park. Curt is active on the Legal and Finance Committees.

    Robin Harding

Director Robin Harding was elected to the Board in 2015. He fell in love with Estes Valley when he first visited as a Cheley camper in the late 1950s and retired here in 2007. Robin worked in advertising for the Mississippi Governor’s Office of Economic Development before forming his own advertising agency as well as a corporate promotions company. He serves as Vice President of the Tahosa Valley Landowner’s Association.

    Mark Holdt

New to the Board in January 2016 is Director Mark Holdt, owner of Mountain Sage Consulting.  Mark has over thirty years of experience in helping organizations realize their potential through board development, strategic visioning, and financial analyses. Mark has been involved with the Estes Park community for most of his life, and is currently an active Sunrise Rotarian.  Mark begins his EVLT term with a commitment to the Board Development Committee.

BS-Charlie-Johnson    Charlie Johnson

Director Charlie Johnson joined EVLT in 2013. He is currently employed as a land agent for Larimer County Engineering and Department of Natural Resources, for which his responsibilities include acquisition of conservation easements, fee open space, trails and fishing easements. Charlie resides in Loveland and works on the Public Relations and Land Protection Committees.

BS-John-Nolan    John Nolan

Director John Nolan joined EVLT’s Board of Directors in 2014. John brings administrative expertise to the board as he served 24 years in the field of medical administration for the US Army and later in the Defense Finance and Accounting Service in Denver. John retired in 2009 and moved to Glen Haven in 2012.

BS-Alice-Reuman    Alice Reuman

Director Alice Reuman joined EVLT as a monitor in 2013 and as a Board Director in 2014. With a background in law, social work and urban and regional planning, she now works with the Land Protection Committee. Alice moved to Estes Park in 2011 and is currently active with the League of Women Voters of Estes Park, the Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership, and the Estes Valley Victim Advocates.

    Jeffrey Boring

Executive Director Jeffrey Boring joined EVLT in May 2016. Prior to joining the Land Trust, Jeffrey worked with the Larimer County Natural Resources Department and the Big Thompson Watershed Forum in Loveland. Jeffrey also worked as a Conservation Director for the Athens Land Trust in Athens, Georgia and began his conservation career in the Atlanta office of The Nature Conservancy.

BS-Jan-Swaney    Jan Swaney

Administrative Assistant Jan Swaney started working for EVLT in 2009 as a part-time administrative assistant. She has provided hours of skillful support to all the functions that make EVLT successful. Prior to joining the Land Trust, Jan worked in adult literacy. She has lived in Estes Park since 2008.