Please walk this road with us.

Our Beloved Land Needs You

Our goals of land conservation can only be reached through the combined efforts of the entire community of people who love the Estes Valley.

Preservation happens one piece at a time … one decision at a time … one commitment at a time. Our goals of land conservation can only be reached through the combined efforts of the entire community of people who love the Estes Valley. Whether you are a landowner or a volunteer monitor, an annual donation member or a bequest donor, a board member or a committee member (or all of the above), YOU are a significant piece in the preservation puzzle. How can you be part of this?



EVLT is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, so 100% of your membership dollars are deductible charitable donations. What do you get for your membership? You get the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the preservation of the Estes Valley.

The ongoing operations of maintaining Conservation Easements are supported through membership dollars and members’ donations. The process of encouraging and maintaining Conservation Easements includes IRS-regulated record-keeping and reporting, volunteer easement monitor training and support, public education, and daily availability for new and established Conservation Easement donors.

Your membership dollars support these essential services and ensure that Conservation Easements will continue as intended in perpetuity—preserving the beauty and wonder of the Estes Valley. Please join at one of our membership levels and provide this important foundation support. You will be joining a wonderful group of people who love the Estes Valley, and your membership will be a treasured donation. Join us today.



How do we get important information in Estes? We talk to each other. How do we decide which groups to join? We talk to each other. How do we decide where to channel our donations? We talk to each other. How can you encourage others to support the preservation of the Estes Valley? Please talk to them about EVLT. Consider inviting someone to attend an educational event with you, or share the EVLT story with your friends. These steps are especially important as a way to introduce the next generation of leaders to our Land Trust mission. If you agree with EVLT’s mission, many of your acquaintances will also be interested. These conversations are priceless for our organization. Thank you.



There are numerous reasons that you might want to provide a special donation to EVLT, whether in addition to or in lieu of an annual membership donation.

Honor a loved one’s birthday or other special day.

Leave a “forever” legacy through a memorial contribution to EVLT to express your love of the Estes Valley.

Make a donation to EVLT in a friend’s name as a thank-you gift for the weekend when they hosted your family in that mountain cabin get-away.

Be a partner on a special EVLT project.

Make a fully-deductible year-end donation.

Our Donations page awaits your input.



If you have spent time in the Estes Valley, you know that it has had a lasting impact on you. Wouldn’t you like to have a lasting impact on this valley? Please consider including Estes Valley Land Trust in your estate planning.  Want to know more about that option? EVLT is one of the founding members of the Estes Valley Legacy, a planned gift education program that is operated collaboratively by the Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center and eleven other leading Estes Valley nonprofit organizations for the benefit of their donors. Here are some details about the services you can get through that organization, including workshops and private counseling sessions regarding your planned gift choices.



If you own a property which has unrealized development potential, you might have the foundation for a Conservation Easement donation. Read more about the Land Donation Process here.  Contact EVLT, and we can begin the evaluation process to determine the conservation values of your property. Not every property can be accepted as an easement donation, as EVLT’s discernment regarding easement viability includes a consideration of the IRS Conservation Easement regulations. There is no cost or obligation for asking the question, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the answers.




Even if you don’t own the kind of property that is eligible for a Conservation Easement, perhaps you know someone who does. It is possible that your friends do not know about the advantages of donating a Conservation Easement. Talk to them. Encourage them. Tell them to contact us. EVLT only places Conservation Easements with willing landowners, but sometimes their willingness is the direct product of encouragement from their friends and neighbors.



For twenty years EVLT was an all-volunteer land trust, and volunteers still play a critical role in the daily activities of the organization. There are many opportunities to get involved. Our organization conducts about 200 site visits to easement properties each year, and our largest volunteer program assists with this program. Several volunteer committees are also very active and always looking for new members: try the Educational Events, Public Relations, Fundraising, or Membership Committee. Also Board members are committed contributors to our daily decisions and actions … please contact us when you are ready for a challenge! Here are more details.